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Naked Edge is about being totally transparent, hiding nothing and helping people find their homes. We aren’t in the house selling business, we are in the people business. We realise that people deal with people and not agencies and that is why the Naked Edge system is so good for our clients and our agents.

We even built our new office for Naked Edge carrying the transparency ethos through into the internal design with no walls when you walk up to reception so you can see all the way to the back of the office. None of the meeting rooms or offices have solid walls – they are all glass so no agent has the opportunity to hide, our clients can see our team at work and our guiding principles and values are visible for everyone who visits our office to see.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter about the dollars and cents,
what matters is what our clients say about us, and if they would recommend us to their family and friends.

Our #1 goal is to get a YES.”

Perhaps Naked Edge isn’t for everyone and we aren’t trying to be, although we can see ourselves being the biggest real estate brand in Australia and New Zealand.

What Naked Edge is about is serving our clients and in finding agents that want the very best for themselves and their clients. These agents know that there is no quick buck to be made in real estate, they know that it’s what you do today for someone that will get you the sale tomorrow.

Naked Edge is designed to support the agent and stand behind them with the world’s best training and support so they can do their very best for their clients.

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