25 Oct 2017
Home Insurance - Ways You Can Cut Costs

Home Insurance - Ways You Can Cut Costs

Home Insurance - Ways You Can Cut Costs
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Home and contents insurance is essential, and it’s vital that homeowners actively look for ways to cut down on the price of their policy.

So how can you cut costs?

Choose your location wisely

Insurance policies are typically priced based on your postcode, and in some cases even your exact address.

This means that you could end up paying less or more than your next-door neighbour, even if your houses are identical.

This is because insurance brands will look into the risks affecting your individual home.

They’ll also look at external factors such as the crime rate in your area as well as how close you are to traffic or major pedestrian thoroughfares.

Living near a train station or bus stop generally increases the likelihood of theft or a break-in. If you’re still in the process of purchasing a home, make sure you consider the location of your potential property.

Lock and load

The actual security measures that you have in place for your home can impact your premiums.

Before you take out a policy, consider investing a little extra cash in home security, as it could significantly reduce the cost of your premiums in the long run.

Whether you install security cameras, add deadbolts to your doors and windows or even add a garage door to your carport, you could make a real difference to the price of your premiums.

Bundle and save

Brand loyalty isn’t always the best way to save money.

Research has shown that you’re usually better off switching providers if you find a better deal.

However, if you already have a car insurance policy with a certain provider that also offers home insurance, you may want to consider taking out a policy with the same brand.

This may not always be worth it, but some insurers will offer a multi-policy discount.

Get in touch with your insurer and find out if there’s anything they can offer you.

Ask for a loyalty discount

You can sometimes receive a loyalty discount from a brand you’ve been with for a long time.

There’s certainly no harm in asking.

At the end of the day, insurance providers want your loyalty, so if you let them know that you’ve found a better deal elsewhere and ask what they can do for you, it’s likely that they’ll have something to offer.

Whether it’s in the form of a discount or another incentive, it’s definitely worth a try!

Compare and switch

This comes back to my point about how brand loyalty isn’t always the best.

In fact, it’s a good idea to regularly review your policy and compare it to other options online.

Not only will this give you a good idea of whether there is something better out there, but in general, it’s good to have a rough idea of how other providers are pricing their policies so that you know where you sit.

These are just some of many ways that you can save on your home and contents insurance policy.

Whether you install some extra security measures or negotiate with your provider for a better deal, hopefully these tips will help you save a bit.

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Home Insurance - Ways You Can Cut Costs
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