It’s time to bite the bullet

Making the move from one company to another can be scary and stressful, but it shouldn’t be. At Naked Real Estate, we endeavour to do everything possible to make it a smooth transition, and to help you maintain and grow your position in your market. Here is what some of our agents have to say about life and Naked, and why they wish they made the move sooner. 

Jared Duggan has worked with two of Australia's biggest Real Estate Groups and speaks about why glad he made the change to Naked.

Sean Totten has been with Naked for over 12 months now and anyone that knew him previously would say he is a changed man. With a different outlook on life and the real estate industry, Sean is making waves in his local market with the support of the Naked Real Estate team.

Karen Lough is young, driven and already has a successful real estate career... so why did she make the move?

Zara Used is what is classified in the industry as a ‘rookie’ and most people have told her our current market is too hard to start, so don’t. At Naked, we are about building people up and helping them succeed, not squashing their dreams. 

At Naked Real Estate we have access to the best trainers in the world, including the great Rik Rushton. Rik was recently paying the Naked office a visit and we thought we’d take the opportunity to find out what he thought about Naked.

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